Travel Time Tube Map

Click on (or select, above) a station to see the London Underground map reorganise around the times of travel from that station. Shortest paths are used to place the other stations - radius is proportional to time to travel, and angle should be correct for as-the-crow-flies direction on a map. The concentric circles are at 10 minute intervals. Press 'g' to get back to the geographical tube map.

NB:- times may not be accurate! This is really only a proof of concept, and to me it looks like I'm reporting times which are slightly too fast. You'll have to factor in interchange times and possibly times when the train is stopped if you want to actually make use of this in its current form. Also, it needs a browser that supports SVG and recent Javascript features, only tested in Safari so far, sorry.

Inspired by Oskar Karlin's reworking of the tube map around the time to travel from Elephant and Castle, and Rod McLaren's subsequent sketch 10 Minutes tube travel from Oxford Circus. Uses travel times from Geoff and Neil's travel times map (plus fake ones for DLR, sorry). Station locations are from Wikipedia's London Underground Geographic Maps. Yes, there are similar maps in existence elsewhere - you might have heard the terms anamorphosis, isochrone or isochronic map used to describe them. Here's one for Japan's railways.

Lots of things that need improving...

Would be nice:
- a key for the different lines
- search for stations (type into the applet)
- list out the shortest path between two stations (not including time to change)
- sort out the 'white dot' connecting stations to match the proper tube map
- proper DLR times to travel (just used 2 mins for everything - tube ones are better)
- display travel card zones
- etc.

- sync with realtime TfL data (which lines are down etc.)
- add average time to change lines
- Harry Beck style layout
- filter for stations with toilets, disabled access, etc.
- use curves where appropriate
- sort out overlapping lines
- blobs/contours for time to travel
- interchange times
- time to surface
- etc.

Suggestions on a postcard (tom [at] tom [dash] carden [dot] co [dot] uk) - particularly for sources of data for travel times, vector versions of Harry Beck's tube map, etc.

Data: lines, routes, stations.

Built with d3.js (adapted from my original, built with Processing).